If you follow me on instagram, you know I’m obsessed with podcasts. I listen to at least 1 a day (and 2-3 if I’m stuck in that awful Lower Parel jam). It started with me reading about a podcast called ‘Making Oprah’. And YOU know much I love Oprah. I even dedicated my last book to her (can we please pray that she somehow sees it?). I feel like someday I want to be in that position where I can be in a red dress and scream “YOU GET A CAR’’ to hundreds of people and just spread that kind of joy and happiness (well, maybe not a car. But you get my drift).

Anyway, I read about ‘Making Oprah’ and I wanted to listen to it. And once I heard it, I got sucked into this world. I found a podcast for every topic possible. I learned French with the help of them, I learned about leadership, entrepreneurship and even started meditating with them. Last year I decided to start my own show called #NoSugarCoat and I had the best time during the whole process – researching topics, interviewing some incredible people and putting together a plan to launch it. If you haven’t heard the series yet (shame on you) you can check this link to get all the shows (https://maedinindia.fanlink.to/nsc).

People always ask me for podcast recommendations and here are 10 I’m currently in love with

1. The Tim Ferris Show

All conversations are long form and I love that about them. I love the questions Tim asks his guests and I feel like I learn something new from each episode. My favourite episode is the one with Naval Ravikanth. Naval breaks everything down so logically that I found myself going ‘Oh! Why didn’t I think of that’  

2. Super Soul Conversations with Oprah  

Every time I feel like I’m stuck with a thought or I’m confused with a decision, an episode from this series just manages to speak to me. It could be about building trust, finding your purpose or how to deal with money. Surprisingly, one of my favourite conversations was the one Oprah had with Bradley Cooper. It was so raw, so honest and I just wanted to hug Bradley after listening to it (I mean, I always want to hug Bradley Cooper. But more after this episode).

3. Ted Radio Hour

I love how Guy Raz explores different topics and talks to a series of experts in each episode. Each episode is gripping and a great ‘AHA’ moment. One of my favourite episodes is Decoding our Emotions.

4. The Rich Dad Radio Show

I love Robert Kiyosaki’s energy. For someone just figuring the financial world this podcast is GREAT. Its challenges conventional wisdom on finance and the economy. My favourite episode so far is – Find out what to teach your kids about money.

5. How I Built This With Guy Raz

As an entrepreneur, I truly enjoy listening to this show. I love stories and I love stories of how companies are built. I often talk about how being an entrepreneur is lonely and this show somehow makes me feel like I’m not alone. I love so many episodes – Whole Foods Market, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, LARABAR, Warby Parker, LinkedIn, Patagonia and Ben & Jerry’s to name a few. The episode that I thought was super interesting was Burt’s Bees. Roxanne Quimby was so unlike any other founder. The episode almost felt like Guy Raz was a bit uncomfortable because she wasn’t giving him elaborated answers. I loved the tension and I loved how to the point she was through the interview ( I also LOVE Burt’s Bees and if you ever want to gift me something, please get me their lip balm. Thaaaaanks)

6. On Purpose With Jay Shetty

I discovered this one quite recently and have been hooked. Jay’s podcast is around fascinating conversations with some incredible people. My favourite episode so far is with Lily Singh.

7. Masters of Scale With Reid Hoffman

Oh man, I truly love this show. I love the production, I love Reid’s narration skills and I love the topics he covers. Favourite episodes include Danny Meyer, How To Build Your Company To Last and The Big Pivot.

8. Meditation Minis

A super simple guided meditation with Chel Hamilton. Each meditation is less than 15 minutes and perfect for when you’re stuck in traffic. I usually listen to one before I sleep or just after a workout to cool down.

9. She Says She’s Fine

Dr. Munjaal Kapadia is my gynaecologist and he’s one of the most incredible people I know. I LOVE that he’s doing this podcast because it’s addressing so many issues that as an Indian woman, you don’t know where to go to get answers. He has genuine, open and real conversations with guests covering periods, IVF, sex, abuse, miscarriages and more. Please do yourself a favour and listen to this one!

10. Business Wars

I LOVE this show so much. It picks 2 rival companies and really goes behind the scenes to show what drives these companies, their leaders and investors. I also love the production on this one – it’s fast paced and a very easy listen. Nike vs Adidas has been my favourite episode so far.

I usually listen to these podcasts on Apple podcasts or Overcast. I hope you enjoyed my recommendations and start listening to these shows. Are there any shows you recommend for me? Leave a comment below!



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Comments (3)

    • Sanika

    • April 22, 2019 at 14:36 pm

    Hi! I’m so glad you started this blog again. I’m also someone who has recently gained interest in podcasts and I listen to them on Spotify. My favorites currently are The Ground Up Show by Matt D’Avella which I discover ed on his YouTube channel and Stuff You Should Know.
    P.S. – I really love your podcast too and my favourite episodes are the one with Chef Zac and Chef Garima Arora. It’s also the first podcast I’ve ever listened to. Can’t wait for the second season of No Sugarcoat! 🙂

    • Prisha

    • April 22, 2019 at 16:19 pm

    Hey Pooja ..I got introduced to Podcasts world through your Instagram stories..loved listening to NoSugarcoat…looking forward to next season…Thank you for the list of recommendations. Keep doing the fabolus work and being amazing person you are …lots of love

    • Ally

    • April 23, 2019 at 06:05 am

    I absolutely love podcasts! A few months back I was listening to French podcasts since I had a French exam coming up! Yesterday I started listening to this podcast called “Dating is Garbage” soo soo funny! I was laughing throughout! Thank you for spreading the word about podcasts! The world needs to listen to more and more podcasts! 🙂

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