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Each year around May or June we start planning our menu for Diwali. It’s one of the most exciting menus I work on during the year. I love Diwali (sans the firecrackers) and I love making it special for people around me!

Over the years, we’ve done so many different things – diyas on cupcakes, firecrackers on macarons, custom hampers, custom cakes and so much more. This year, I wanted to look at something more traditional. It started with the idea of making a chocolate barfi. I tried and tried to make something that I absolutely LOVED but failed miserably. I finally gave up on it and put it aside for now (it won’t ever leave my mind till I perfect the recipe, but hey, that’s a problem for another day!). Then one evening at dinner with my favourite idea generator – Rhea Kapoor, we spoke about looking at things differently. What if I made the chikki gourmet? And it made so much sense.

In Paris, we made brittles and pralines all the time. How could I use the flavours I worked with in Paris and incorporate them with the Indian Chikki. And that’s how the Diwali menu was born. Besides the really fancyyyy chikki, we also have beautiful hampers, gift boxes with assorted desserts, things in Jars (I LOVE things in jars), tea cakes (we have this cake we called CRAKE because it was addictive like crack. A crack cake = Crake. Sorry, my office is nuts. But the name stays). 

Have a look at our menu. The team has worked super hard to put this together and we hope to be a part of your Diwali gifting! For enquiries or orders please call or email on 9769286544 or orders@le15.com

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