Gooey Chocolate Coffee Cake


Chocolate chips: 150g
Butter: 100g
Almond powder: 100g
Flour: 40g
Almonds: 50g
Eggs: 3
Sugar: 50g
Instant coffee: 1 tbsp
Pinch of salt

Optional Little bit of thyme


Step 1: Melt the butter and chocolate chips together with the salt and thyme (if using) over a double boiler or in the microwave till completely melted

Step 2: Separate the egg whites and the egg yolks and put them in different bowls

Step 3: Add the sugar to the egg yolks and whisk well until smooth & pale and all the sugar has melted Whip the egg whites separately in another bowl till stiff

Step 4: Add the melted chocolate mixture to the egg yolk mixture and combine with a spatula

Step 5: Add the coffee and mix. Add the almond powder and the flour

Step 6: Add the whipped egg whites slowly in 3 additions and fold gently with a spatula. Add the almonds and mix well

Step 7: Pour the batter into a greased tin and put it in a preheated oven at 180°C for anywhere between 12-15 mins or till cooked

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