Design has always played a big role in Le15. Whenever I think of a product I don’t only think of the taste, flavour, texture, etc, I also think of how a person will receive it, what’s the first thing they’ll see, how will the box feel to hold. When I moved back from Paris and started Le15, all cake shops only served cake in plain brown boxes. I thought it was so boring and after seeing the possibilities of packaging in Paris, I knew that Le15 packaging that to be special and differentiated. This is where Pratish came in. For those of you who follow me you’ve probably seen me tagging @bratprat every now and then. Pratish is a graphic designer and runs the company Starting Monday.

We’ve been working together for the last 10 years! I remember having the first meeting with him in my house. I was 22 years old and had these crazy big ideas. We fought SO much for the first year that we worked together. Our design sensibilities were completely different and it took a long time for us to be on the same page. So much has changed since. After working together for 10 years, I just have to call Pratish and say I’m feeling a certain way and he’ll understand what I’m talking about. We went to Paris last year (he had never been!) and seeing Paris through his eyes was a life changing experience. So many things that I just took for granted while living there, suddenly I saw these design elements with a new perspective.

Our packaging has evolved over the years. We’ve tried everything from classic bold colours, prints and collaborations with different artists. When it came to changing our current packaging we went back to the drawing board and thought hard. Paris has been at the heart of everything I’ve ever done.

I can’t explain what I felt like the first time I went to the city. I can’t explain what living there for a year meant to me. You know there are always times in your life when you look back at something and say this was such an incredible period in my life. For me, living in Paris, was acknowledging that every single day. Every day that I walked home from the metro, I would look around (I could see the tip of the Eiffel Tower) and I would just deeply inhale joy. I find it hard to put these feelings into words, but somehow, we’ve put them on our new boxes! When I see our new boxes, I feel the same joy that I did walking back home every night.

We tried to do a Paris illustration box 6 years ago and the new boxes are a spin off on that thought process. I’m SO excited for you to see them and hopefully they give you the same sense of joy, that they give me <3

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    • Bhakti

    • May 29, 2019 at 06:37 am

    D new packaging looks simply elegant n straight out of a painting frm a gallerie parisien!!!!

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