It’s taken me so long to be able to write this post and talk to you about my experience running into Trevor Noah in Doha. To be honest, I haven’t really assimilated it all yet. Running into Trevor at the Souk, outside a restaurant we were having dinner in, truly just makes me believe in the magic of the Universe.

If you follow me on instagram, you know I’m a big fan of Trevor. The reason I love him so much is because for the last 2 years, it doesn’t matter what kind of day I’m having – right before going to bed I watch his show and it somehow makes me forget my problems. I also read his book 2 years ago on a solo trip to Peru, and it gave me some weird sense of hope that good people do exist in this world. I see a lot of similarities between us and our stories and I always felt like I had so many things I wanted to ask him about his life and the things he’s learnt along the way. SO, when I got a call from Qatar Airways asking me to join a FAM trip they were organising to Doha, and it included watching Trevor Live, I jumped. I couldn’t believe it was happening. Before I knew it, I was on a plane to Doha. 

My dream was to meet him and chat with him. I planned all these super smart and funny things I would say and these really deep questions I wanted to ask. My life in India is rather public and it’s not the background my family comes from. I know the struggles I go through sometimes and I genuinely was hoping to ask him about these things. 

On reaching Doha, I was told that a meeting would not be possible but the show will be great. I was more than bummed and couldn’t stop complaining to my friend Aatish and to the Qatar Airways team (big shout out to Lara and Asma, so happy to have met you guys!). 

For 2 days we went around seeing the best of Doha – The National Library, The National Museum and The Museum of Islamic Arts. We ate at some incredible restaurants; Toro Toro, Parisa, Novikov and The Cut by Wolfgang Puck to name a few. On Day 2 of the trip, we were scheduled to go to the Souk and check out the Falcon hospital, walk around see the spice market and then have dinner at Parisa, a beautiful Iranian restaurant. As luck would have it, everything was a bit delayed and our plans got shuffled. We reached dinner a little later than we should have.

We all laughed and joked around some more. We ate a very delicious meal and some incredible dessert. One of the journalists, Madiha, hadn’t finished taking her videos in the Souk so she and Asma walked out through the restaurant’s long corridor and told us to wait in the restaurant till they finish shooting. Suddenly, at the end of the corridor, I saw Madiha signaling frantically at me. I turned to Aatish wondering what’s going on. I squinted my eyes to look at what’s happening and suddenly – I saw him. Trevor Noah was standing right next to them. I looked at Aatish with my mouth open. I couldn’t believe it was real.  Asma told him that someone was going to freak when she saw him and he sweetly told her not to tell me. It was too late because by now both Aatish and I had dashed towards them. Honestly, the first thought I had was – sh*t, I SHOULD have washed my hair! I put my hand forward and said a weak hi. Trevor was kind and unassuming. He took pictures with us. I obviously lost all words. My brain just switched off and I froze. I couldn’t say anything to him. ANYTHING. For someone who talks a LOT that was definitely a moment for me :p 

Trevor and his friends walked into the restaurant and we left. I couldn’t believe what happened. That moment for me was a true moment of thoughts becoming things. More than a fangirl moment, it was a moment that TRULY showed me that when you set intentions for something, the universe finds magical ways to manifest it. While I’ve always been a believer in that, the last 18 months have made me a bit jaded. This encounter set off that pessimistic streak and made me a believer again.

I didn’t get to talk to Trevor or ask him any questions. But running into him SO randomly in such a random manner, definitely makes me believe in thoughts becoming things, now stronger than ever 🙂  

Okay, next, how can I start manifesting meeting Oprah :p

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