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Hope you enjoyed reading ‘Shoe Dog’ last month. That book truly impacted my life and I hope it added some value to yours! To keep the book club exciting, I’ve decided to ask Friends of Le15 to help 🙂 

Each month, someone else will pick a book that we’ll all read. This ensures that we read a variety of subjects and not just things I lean towards. For this month, my incredible friend Rega Jha has picked our book. I met Rega about 4 years ago when she was editor-in-chief of Buzzfeed India. Ever since then, she’s been someone I truly admire. From her incredible mind, the books she reads, the columns she writes, how she’s not afraid to be vulnerable and just the way she’s navigating life – it’s all very inspiring! I’m so happy she agreed to do this – and can’t wait to read her pick! 

Rega Jha Recommends

Sheila Heti’s ‘Motherhood’ is a short, weird novel that feels nothing like reading a story and everything like being stuck inside a neurotic, funny, brilliant person’s head as she somersaults through a thirties rite of passage: deciding whether or not to have children. You don’t actually have to be interested in motherhood (I don’t know if I am) to be regularly blown away by the poetic and twisted and truly free ways the writer/character thinks through what her life is for. Like this line that I think of nearly daily: “A life is just a proposition you ask by living it, Could a life be lived like this, too?”

The book went by quick, like a single deep reverie. It left me feeling lighter and freer and radically more open to letting my own life’s unfolding surprise me.

‘Motherhood’ was recommended to me by my friend and sentient book recommendation algorithm / reading spirit guide Mahika, who oversees a beautiful spot of warmth named The Bookshop, in Delhi’s Jor Bagh — she literally spends her days in, around, and in relentless nurturance of books. She recommends and reckons with her reading at @shutupandreadmore.

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