Hey guys!

Wow we finished reading our first book together! I was so happy with all the photos and screenshots you guys sent me of the first book in our book club – Life, On The Line by Grant Achatz and Nick Kokonas. 

I’m so excited that we’re reading a book each month. I usually try to do more but thanks to the club I know that now I HAVE to read at least one book every month. If you still haven’t signed up for the book club, click here and fill in your details. 

Reading makes me happy. It’s time away from everything else and the thing I love the most is, it makes me think. Even though I was re-reading this book, at every chapter and at every stage of Chef Achtaz’s life, I kept thinking of my own. There were so many places early on in his career that I could relate with. His first few days at culinary school, first job and working for 16 hours a day and nothing but work mattered to him.  The thing I loved the most was seeing Alinea come together. If you’re starting anything new, you feel his pain and you feel his excitement. The one thing I truly wished for as I read this book was that I had someone like Nick Kokonas. While it’s great being your own boss and all (is it, really?) the thing I feel the most running the business is – lonely. It’s a lonely journey and that’s not something most people talk about.  Well, my eyes for my own Nick are always open! 

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the book. Especially if you’re not from the food industry and you read it. What were your favourite moments? Did you cry (I howled like a baby near the end of the book)? I want to know everythingggggg! Let me know in the comments 🙂 


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    • Shalini

    • October 5, 2019 at 15:19 pm

    Hi Pooja,

    Thank you for putting forward ‘Life, on the line’ for your first book club read.
    It was an inspiring read, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I’m not entirely from the food industry (though I started my customised chocolate venture after college, which remained afloat for couple of years before choosing to follow other avenues for personal reasons)

    My take aways on reading this book:
    1. One needs the support of family to whole heartedly pursue their passion
    2. Chefs are very very very passionate about what they pursue (this I came to understand on reading this book and also listening to your podcasts with other chefs -Chef Pablo, Chef Tzac, Chef Garima)
    3. I loved reading about how restaurants Trio and Alinea were born – reiterates the fact that there will always be challenges, it is all about getting past them
    4. It was wonderful how Nick Kokonas kept pushing Chef Grant to do the right things during his low days.

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