It’s the start of a new decade! I’m looking forward to a LOT of things in 2020. To start with, Le15 is going to turn 10 years old – isn’t that crazy! I’ve learnt so many things in this decade, but that’s a post for another day. 

I thought really hard about what book we should start this new year with, and it was an easy decision to make! For those of you who know about my crazy obsession to climb Mt Fuji, it came from this book. As an entrepreneur, you face 100 challenges a day and reading this book about how one of the world’s biggest brands was built, gave me immense hope, courage and made me feel like – eh, it’s the same everywhere. SO, I won’t give up more of why I love it, or why Mt. Fuji is now on this year’s bucket list. PLEASE read this book, and join me for some hot chocolate at Le15 Cafe at the end of the month to discuss it 🙂 

Happy reading! 

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