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This lockdown has taught all of us how to be innovative with our ingredients and to cook beautiful dishes with the limited resources we have. Chef Pooja had been doing the same during the lockdown, adapting recipes from her old books- Big Book of Treats, The Wholesome Kitchen and Can’t Believe It’s Eggless! and the Le15 Kitchen and creating some new recipes with the ingredients available.

This e-book has a total of 25 dessert recipes, out of which 20 are eggless.

At this time where we miss/ crave our favourite desserts, we hope baking them from scratch using this e-book brings you as much happiness as it has to us(or Chef Pooja) during this tough time.

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Le15 Cafe Cookbook consists of the most loved recipes from Le15 Cafe, Colaba, which comprises of 45 savoury dishes and 5 desserts!

By choosing to purchase this E-book, you would be helping us with our costs and ensure that our team is taken care of during this pandemic. We would truly appreciate it, if you don’t share your copy with others (and on the internet!). We’ve put in a lot of time and effort putting this together and we hope more people buy it!

We’d love to see the recipes from our café in your kitchens!


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Can’t Believe it’s Eggless!

If you’re someone that does not eat eggs, baking is the final frontier. And this exact problem is what master baker and acclaimed entrepreneur, Pooja Dhingra, resolves with her third book, I Can’t Believe It’s Eggless. 

Having baked without eggs herself, and catered to customers at Le15, her beloved chain of patisseries and cafes, she knew that a book of eggless recipes written for the Indian kitchen was a long time coming. And so Pooja combined her skills as a classically-trained patissier with her love for taking on a challenge to create over a hundred eggless recipes for everything from cookies and brownies to decadent cakes, doughnuts and mousses.

I Can’t Believe It’s Eggless lives up to its name with delicious recipes that are second to none. Plus, Pooja offers invaluable tips on how to stock your pantry, choose the right substitute for eggs, and perfect the art of baking.


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